Sicoma Planetary Mixers

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  • Fixed heavy duty, general purpose planetary mixers with a proven world class mixing action.
  • Ideal for use in the manufacture of large volume building products where quality assurance and continuity is vital. Eg manufacture of precast building products, suspended concrete floors, blocks etc.
  • The proven mixing action of this machine allows for high quality, high volume dry blending of materials including resins, clay and reconstituted limestone.


  • The Sicoma MP series mixer start from as little as 250 litres through to 2500 litres of compacted concrete per cycle.
  • Easily integrated with feeder systems designed for specific needs including:
    • Conveyor & silo feeder systems
    • Hydraulic self loading hoppers
    • Manual feed
  • Concrete production cycles are generally around 2 minutes however this is dependent on batching requirements and additives. Eg1. Type: Sicoma MP375/250
    Cycle: 2 mins
    Output compacted: 250 litres2. Type: Sicoma MP3750/2500
    Cycle: 2 mins
    Output compacted: 2500 litres

Features and Benefits

  • Huge double horizontal shock resistant gearbox. Gears immersed in oil bath giving every gear optimum lubrication
  • Gearbox carries 5 year or 10000 hour warranty.
  • Strong mixing arms with blades made from ny-hard iron, 550 HB
  • 15mm ny-hard cast iron floor and wall lining
  • Up to 4 swing out discharge sector doors with either hydraulically, pneumatic or manually operated.
  • A hollow central shaft allows washout jest to be mounted under the rotating arms. Together with a powerful high pressure pump unit, a tornado of water cleans the mixer reducing your wash up time by about 80%
  • Compliant with ISO 9001:2000
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