Sicoma MAO/C – Twin Shaft Continuous Mixers

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  • The MAO/C series continuous flow mixer is a hard working unit ideal as a vital component in new paste-fill plants:
  • The MAO/C series mixer is also easily integrated into existing batching systems. Ideal applications include:
    • Recycled mine site material
    • Ready mix concrete
    • Precast
    • Block, paver and dam application
  • Mixes concrete or paste-fill quickly and completely
  • Easy in-feed system by auger, conveyors or other specified systems
  • Quality mixing action throws particles from each side of the mixer towards the centre, where they combine; the water is forced through powerful jets into the mix, where it is absorbed completely, allowing the cement slurry to coat all the aggregate particles uniformly, forming the strongest paste or concrete.


  • The MAO/C continuous mixers can produce well over one million cubic yards of concrete every day. This is assured by:
  • The stiffened frame of the tank eliminates the risk of deformation during the full load operation and guarantees the correct planarity of the shafts’ seals.
  • The modular support is made with two separate housings. The bearing is lubricated in long lasting oil bath. The seals are lubricated with liquid grease using an automatic pump.
  • Mixing paddles are anti wear steel 200mm thick and are bolted to the shafts.
  • Compact size allows MAO series to be retrofitted into existing plants.
  • In most cases can double throughput without the need for 2 mixers and splitting of material feed.

Features and Benefits

  • Sold on the market for over 20 years
  • Most widely used twin shaft model in the world today.
  • Optional auto washing system
  • Waiting hoppers and chutes for materials and vehicle loading
  • Inspection platform for mixer
  • CE compliant
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