Sicoma MAO – Twin Shaft Single Batching System

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  • The Sicoma MAO single batch system is a heavy duty mixer ideally suited to mixing a wide range of materials inclusive of recycled materials (tailings).
  • The single batch system features reducible discharge doors on the under-carriage allowing for quality testing of batches or small scale production when required:
  • Applications include:
    • Mixing of paste-fill
    • Mixing of concrete
  • The mixer tank is lined with Ni-hard Cast iron. The mixing arms are low profile to avoid material build up. The twin shafts feature a number of large blades that guarantee effective rolling and circulation of materials during the mixing action.


  • The Sicoma MAO mixer comes in various models and range between:
    • Dry filling capacity 1500L – 12,000
    • Concrete output per cycle fresh 1200L – 9,600
    • Cycle time 60 secs – 90 secs
    • Capacity per hour 40m³ -320m³
  • The Sicoma mixers are made with safety in mind and equipped with several sensors. They also come with inspection platforms for safe inspection and maintenance of the mixer. Modular in design, the Sicoma does not require a crane or winch for assembly.
  • Batchcrete can arrange pre-assembled feeding systems with aggregate hoppers, cement scales, water scales, complete with the holding frame laying on the four sides of the mixer tank.

Features and Benefits

  • All MAO mixers are supplied with the following standard accessories:
    • Liner plates and mixing plates in Ni-Hard Cast Iron
    • Mixing arms in cast iron, bolted to shaft
    • High top cover with inspection hatches and ports
    • Inspection platform and stairs
    • Wiring of all auxiliary devises to a IP55 Junction Box
    • Alarm box with related sensors and probes.
    • Auto grease lubrication system with electric pump and sequential distributor.
    • Wrench kit for the mixer maintenance
    • Safety key lock for accident prevention
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