Mixing concrete is an art – a bit like science – particulars need to be accurate and variables need to be just right. And, once all of the ingredients have been added we of course need to mix them together.

As any contractor worth his tools will attest to, effective concrete needs to be mixed well, and quickly, which is very hard to do by hand. Hence the concrete mixer.

When looking for a concrete mixer, the most important thing to consider when choosing a concrete mixer is the size. Logically a larger project will require a large amount of cement, by preparing a lot of concrete at any one time will make your job easier and it will run smoother with fewer problems.

The other important aspect to consider when buying a concrete mixer is safety. Always be certain that the concrete mixer has adequate and easy to use safety features. The Twin shaft concrete mixer needs to be able to accommodate rough ground, obstacles and tight spaces.

Batchcrete twinshaft batch mixers ensure the best quality concrete for your project. We understand the complex nature of your business and as such have developed a relationship with the best brands in Australia. By applying a methodolgiy to your project we are able to provide the best concrete mixing solution for concrete project needs.

Why choose Batchcrete Concrete Mixers:

• Cost efficient
• Accurate
• Fully warranted
• Integrated – cutting labour costs & reducing onsite equipment

Our post sales care is of the highest order & is enshrined in policy.

Guarenteeing your complete satisfaction with our Concrete Mixer – whether you buy or rent one of our twin shaft batch mixers.



FG2100- Self Loading Mixers
Self Loading Mixers give mobile Contractors the features normally seen only on fixed plant mixing systems. Hydraulic loading bucket tips into the mixing drum to produce up to 10m3 per hour. Ideal for Stonemasons, builders, or concretors requiring concrete in remote areas. Can also form part of a small batch plant with the addition of silos.
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Screed Mixers in 100, 120, 150 litre
The forced action Screed Mixer is small and compact allowing for easy access through doorways and allows for easy unloading and loading off utes and trailers. The vertically mounted paddle system allows for homogenous mixes to be produced in under 3 minutes.The unit is available in 40, 80 and 120 litre sizes.
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Large Screed Mixers- Petrol or Electric
Large forced action Screed Mixer available in Petrol or Electric. The mixer is trailer mounted and can be licenced for ease of transport. The sinlge shaft turbo mixing action features multiple arms, including a planetary arm giving a homogenous mix to be produced in minimal time. Mix both dry and wet fine grain materials such as:
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Mixer Buckets

Hydraulically Driven Mixer Buckets
Mixer buckets can easily be attached to most skid steer loaders, tele-handlers and excavators The operator can easily self loaded by scooping up the sand and aggregates, then mix and tip product from the comfort of the cab, with minimal effort. Both a low cost and mobile mixing solution, which limits the amount of manual handling.
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FG3T- Large Cement Drum Mixers- Petrol, Diesel or Electric
Ideal mixer for a trades person or organisation requiring small loads of concrete on demand. Traditional design and simplicity of operation makes the Large Drum Mixers a lasting reliable mixer that gets the job done.
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Sicoma MAO – Twin Shaft Single Batching System


  • The Sicoma MAO single batch system is a heavy duty mixer ideally suited to mixing a wide range of materials inclusive of recycled materials (tailings).
  • The single batch system features reducible discharge doors on the under-carriage allowing for quality testing of batches or small scale production when required:

Applications include:

  • Mixing of paste-fill
  • Mixing…

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