Batchcrete Conveyors


  • Batchcrete are conveyor system specialists and can design or recommend conveyors to suit most applications suited to batching.


  • One of the company’s standard range includes a 600mm trough style roller system, approximately 7 metres in length with the ability to raise and lower at both ends (adjustable legs)
  • The conveyor system also has pockets fitted..

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Batchcrete Kibbles


  • The Batchcrete range of kibbles are a very cost effective method of moving concrete to a required location.
  • Ideal for transporting concrete to heights using a crane or transporting concrete across water by barge.

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Sicoma Marcantonini


  • Travelling hoppers, flying transportation buckets and discharge systems revolutionise the delivery of precast concrete to user stations. They are an ideal solution where conventional methods of concrete delivery are impractical.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry cast, they can be installed in places where conventional bucket systems are impossible.

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Officine Piccini Scout


  • he Scout range of Agitators have excellent onsite capabilities, including:
    • Remote onsite construction projects
    • Above ground mining operations
    • Below ground mining operations
  • The Scout is a one person operation that can self load materials, transfer onto onboard agitator and dispense concrete with ease.
  • The Scout features Rops and Fops protection systems..

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Generally used for the transportation of concrete, the concrete truck is, according to some the heart of the concrete business. Without the concrete truck you would have no way of transporting the concrete powder from the plant to the construction site. Because our concrete trucks transport large quantities of concrete, it will be beneficial for your project if you invest in cement screw augers as well.

For those of us who are new to the construction industry, a cement screw auger is used in the handling of bulk amounts of materials such as lime or cement. lime screw augers work in much the same way as a cement screw auger will work, by mixing the substances and allowing for even distribution.

When buying a concrete transportation truck it is imperative that you carry out lengthy market research as without a concrete transport truck you are effectively stuck with vast amounts of cement and nowhere to go.

The concrete truck can carry both concrete in wet and in dry form, and therefore needs an engine and chassis powerful enough to handle the change in density of its cargo.

Concrete mixers are often incorrectly called cement mixers, the cement mixer is not a concrete transport truck – these trucks are made specifically to transport and while they are transporting the cement they are mixing the cement, ensuring that the cement is of the highest quality when it reaches the construction site.

Just like the industry in which these concrete conveyors operate they are a complex piece of machinery that requires a certain level of skill to both drive and operate them – and this also incorporates the servicing and maintenance of these concrete transport trucks to make sure that they do not break down either en route from the factory or cement plant to the construction site.

Because the longevity of your portable concrete conveyors is important to us at Batchcrete, our post sale service is second to none is enshrined in our official policy.

Our factories are also equipped with a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts from some of our industry’s brand leaders. Batchcrete has an agreement with some of our industry’s best-loved brands that guarantees your project will get the best products on the market. Because your project is important to us.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales department for a quote – either by phone or through our website – we’d like to send your concrete on its way today!