Custom Concrete Equipment Manufacturing in Australia

Batchcrete supplies quality concrete batching equipment for sale that has been uniquely designed to fulfil their specific functions. Choose from a huge range of machines from trusted and affordable brands, or speak to Batchcrete about your custom manufacturing requirements. Finding and implementing the correct machinery will improve your productivity while minimising downtime and wastage on site.

Browse this page to find dosing machines, vibrating tables, moulding and de-moulding machines, and a range of other equipment for precise manufacturing in a range of sizes and shapes. From brick paving, limestone and concrete blocks to concrete soak-wells and covers, Batchcrete supplies high-quality equipment for innovative systems. Find the right equipment for your needs by making a product enquiry or calling 1800-739-006.

  • Features and Benefits
    • Massive 420L hopper
    • Fork pockets to facilitate moving machine
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Designed to minimise operator fatigue
    • Can be operated manually or automatically
    • Drive motor 1.85kW
    • Hopper beater motor 1.1kW
    • Cycle rate 8 secs
    • Weigh table capacity 250kg
    • Vibrators (2) 100mve
  • Features and Benefits
    • Fully warranted with service support backup.
    • Mobile set-up and easy readjusting.
    • Dosing lines built to suit and generally range between 7 – 8 metres in length.
  • Features and Benefits
    • Strong steel construction
    • Built with provision to accept fork tynes, making both upper and lower sections mobile.
    • Dosing controlled by PLC
  • Features and Benefits
    • Strong steel construction
    • 400 series vibrator motor situated directly below table
  • Features and Benefits
    • Product height: 20-35 cm
    • Working pressure: 100/150 bar
    • Compression: Hydraulic
    • Working area: 110 x 50cm
    • Power: 18.5 kW
  • Features and Benefits
    • The fully automatic work cycle and the electronic control system with the Vicom PC ensures the machine is easily managed. It also controls the quality and speed of the production process.
  • Features and Benefits
    • The Rotovibromatic can be modified for specific requirements with tools that diversify production and makes production totally automatic, thus providing benefits such as:
      • Reduction in labour requirements
      • Improved production speeds and faster mould changes.
  • Features and Benefits
    • Over 25 different products which can be cast.
    • Cast can be made to suit specific requirements
    • Over 25 different products which can be cast.
    • Cast can be made to suit specific requirements
  • Features and Benefits
    • Features that make the Vibromatic 3000 an excellent choice are:
      • Easy installation
      • Functions that smooth the inner surface of the pipe
      • Mechanical adjustment of the vibrators for stroke-force and the speed of the vibrators by means of electric inverter
      • The automatic feeding of the base pallets
      • Easy access to the hopper for inspection and cleaning operations
  • Features and Benefits
    • A special feeding belt makes sure that moulds of any shape are equally filled.
    • The machines desk height can be adjusted in order to produce elements of different dimensions.
    • Over 29 different products which can be cast
  • Features and Benefits
    • Over 23 different products which can be cast.
    • Cast can be made to suit specific requirements
    • Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.
  • Applications
    • The de-moulding machine extracted pavers from moulds with maximum efficiency
    • The de-moulder is a vital piece of equipment that alleviates double handling and improves on productivity once the pavers are cured
    • Assists with the prevention of repetitive strains.
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