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  • EXTREME MOBILITY: Both versions, the DC-SS and the DC-TM offers customers the most flexible mobility on the
  • IN REAL TIME: No more waiting as the Kimera SMALL is always ready to produce.
  • NO WASTE: The plant produces the exact amount requested and can be stopped at any time during the production cycle, avoiding any waste
  • UTMOST PRECISION: The load cells and flow meters fitted together with the CAN-BUS electronic managing system ensure 2 2% accuracy.
  • VERSATILITY: The Kimera SMALL is able to produce any kind of cement or cold bitumen mixture. It is also possible to change the mix design easily between 2 subsequent production cycles.
  • OMOGENEITY: The double mixing system produces homogeneous product
  • LOW COSTS: Minimal maintenance is required on the Kimera SMALL during use, ie. the washing of the 2 augers after the production cycle. Furthermore the auxiliary diesel engine reduces the cost of fuel per cubic meter of product
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Due to the versatility and productivity of the Kimera SMALL, i.e. up to 25 m’/h production speed, the customers return on their investment is realized in a short time.


  • Additional unloading chutes
  • Liquid admixture kit
  • Bitumen emulsion pump for cold asphalt
  • Working lights
  • Polypropylene fibre feeder system
  • Radio remote control
  • 44kVJ Perkins diesel engine with Silent Pack
  • 45 kW SEIPEE electric engine 2 poles B3/135 400/690/501E3
Max production speed 25 m./h Water tanks capacity 800 litres
Rated concrete production capacity fully loaded 4m’ Plant height 2391 mm
Plant length 4175 mm
Hopper I capacity 2,95 m’
Plant width 1810 mm
Hopper 2 capacity 2,23 m’
Plant weight 2400 kg (DC-55)


Cement silo capacity 1400 kg
1800 kg (0C-TM)



Kimera SMALL is a mobile batching plant able to produce concrete, screed, mortar, cold asphalt and titre-reinforced concrete as required at a preferred site by the user. The plant transports the materials unmixed in separate compartments so that the chosen mix-design can be done when required an site avoiding any waste and risks connected with ready mixed concrete.

The Kimera SMALL is equipped with a load cell weighing system for both the cement and each inert material which ensures accurate and repeatable mix designs. The final mix is delivered by 2 continuous augers located at the front part of the plant one of which rotates horizontally by 180° and may be inclined up to 20° to increase the unloading height

The Kimera SMALL is equipped with 2 independent conveyor belts for delivering 2 different aggregates, this feature enables the operator if required to choose just one or the I aggregates; ror example to produce screed instead of concrete.

The Kim era SMALL is available in 2 different versions: DC-55 and DC-TM. The Kimera SMALL DC-5S is equipped, as standard with a LA kW Perkins diesel engine and a hydraulic stabilization system which enables the operator to load/ unload the unit forma flat-bed truck so it can be used as a stationary plant. The DC-TM version has been developed to be mounted permanently on a truck and to be powered by the vehicles PTO or an auxiliary engine.

With the IGmera SMALL you will get high quality fresh concrete with the mix design you need at the desired quantity and tine required.


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