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  • The Sami range of mobile batch plants are designed for storage and controlled extraction of aggregates.
  • The Sami mobile batching plant has a small footprint and is ideal for the batching of materials for concrete production, batching of road base materials or for the controlled dispatch of mining waste used as paste fill.
  • With capabilities of lifting aggregates up to 3.4 metres, the Sami is ideal for loading agitator trucks.


  • The Sami range are notable for their small dimensions and changeable geometric configuration which emphasize the benefits of compactness, allowing transportation of the machine by standard trailers.
  • Four hydraulic legs can be fitted as an accessory, enabling the machine to be loaded and unloaded when empty without the need for crane. During transport the legs retract into the frame of the machine. During the positioning phase they open out allowing the vehicle to drive away or move back under the machine.
  • The load cells and digital display instruments control the quantity of materials stored and extracted.
  • The automatic display shows the net weight of materials in the bins and the extraction of products are automatic. At the same time on-board systems provide constant tallies of remaining materials on board.
  • Sami’s digital instruments can memorise up to 99 dosage formulas for the products in the bins. These formulas can also be modified with ease.

Features and benefits

  • The Sami Batching system consists of 1 or 2 bin options, each with a capacity of up to 15m³.
  • The machine features a conveyor belt specially shaped for lifting aggregates up to heights of about 3.4m.
  • The conveyor belt features sides and cleats which provide horizontal transportation along the first section and a 65 degree incline along the second section. The two belts are connected to make the machine more compact and easier to transport.
  • Using a hydraulic system, the conveyor belt can be adjusted closer to the bins in order to reduce space whilst in storage or transport mode.
  • 1 or 2 hopper configuration dependent on model
  • Theoretical production 60m³ per hour
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