Mobil 3

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  • Delivers on demand for high concrete strength and uniformity in batching
  • Produces improved cube strength ideal for large scale civil and structural works E.g bridges and buildings
  • Practical and fully mobile alternative to dry batching


  • Reduces mixer wear
  • Provides greater control of additives
  • Decreases dust emissions, making it more environmentally friendly
  • Improves continuity and flow in relation to delivery for on-site projects
  • Eliminates cement clustering

Features and Benefits

  • Mixer output 600 litres – 1,200 litres
  • Hourly output 25m3  – 54m3 per hour
  • Number of aggregates 3-6
  • Aggregate storage capacity 42m3
  • Programmed formulas 20
  • Concrete discharge height
  • Total weight 6,400kg – 8,600 kg
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