Standard Features:

Capacity to produce 100m3 of concrete per hour.
Capacity to produce 10 to 12m3 of concrete per batch.
50 tonne horizontal silo.
Touch screen with the ability to store 100 mix designs.
PLC controlled Additive flow meters and pumps.
Water flow meters and pump.
Ticket printing.
Gen set.
Hydraulic jacking legs (for jacking up to the correct working height).
Does not require a crane to lift in place.

Technical Characteristics

Model: Kompact
Capacity: 40 m3
Installed Power: 48 Kw
Total max mass: 85.000 Kg
Hydraulic control unit motor: 1.5 Kw
Compressor: 50 Lt
*Overall dimensions:
Additive System
Motor: 0.55 Kw – 1400 g/min
Supply: 380 V 50Hz
Flow: 25 Lt/min
Air Pressure: 6 bar
Product Viscosity: Max. 100 C.Ps
Temp. Max Oper. Temp. 40°C
Temp. Min Oper. Temp. 0°C
Auger conveyor for cement extraction from silo
Coil diameter: ø 250
Pitch: 125 e 250
Gear motor Motovario: H82 FA 1:8 PAM160
Motor: 11 Kw
Power: 49 kVA
Rev/min: 1500
Single phase/three-phase
Motor: 9.2 Kw
Max flow: 150 m3/h
Speed conveyor: 1.1 m/s
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