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Innovative Cement Silo Mixer

Main Features:

  • Max production speed is 25 m³/hElectric Engine Batching
  • Rated concrete production capacity fully loaded 4m³
  • 1400 kg Cement silo capacity
  • 800 liters Water tanks capacity
  • Hopper 1 capacity 2,95 m³
  • Hopper 2 capacity 2,23 m³

Advantages Of Choosing The Kimera Small

•EXTREME MOBILITY: Both versions, the DC-SS and the DC-TM offers customers the most flexible mobility on the
market.Can Bus Electronic Managing system
• IN REAL TIME: No more waiting as the Kimera SMALL is always ready to produce.

• NO WASTE: The plant produces the exact amount requested and can be stopped at any time during the production cycle, avoiding any waste.

• UTMOST PRECISION: The load cells and flow meters fitted together with the CAN-BUS electronic managing system ensure ± 2% accuracy.

• VERSATILITY: The Kimera SMALL is able to produce any kind of cement or cold bitumen mixture. It is also possible to change the mix design easily between 2 subsequent production cycles.Kimera Small

• OMOGENEITY: The double mixing system produces homogeneous product.

• LOW COSTS: Minimal maintenance is required on the Kimera SMALL during use, i.e. the washing of the 2 augers
after the production cycle. Furthermore the auxiliary diesel engine reduces the cost of fuel per cubic meter of product

• RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Due to the versatility and productivity of the Kimera SMALL, i.e. up to 25 m³/h
production speed, the customers return on their investment is realized in a short time.

Available Accessories

• Additional unloading chutesRemote Control
• Liquid admixture kit
• Bitumen emulsion pump for cold asphalt
• Working lights
• Polypropylene fibre feeder system
• Radio remote control
• 44kW Perkins diesel engine with Silent Pack
• 45 kW SEIPEE electric engine 2 poles B3/B5 400/690/50 IE3


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