Bertoli Economix 40S

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  • Recovery of materials destined for landfill disposal, such as cement mixtures regenerated from masonry rubble or milled materials.
  • Mixed cements and tailings for stope filling
  • Cold regeneration and stabilisation of materials mixed with resin additives


  • Process up to 40 m³ per hour and can operate effectively at +50C temperatures
  • The Ecomix 40S is easy to transport and can either be permanently-mounted on a truck, mounted on a truck with a tippable box or mounted on an interchangeable cradle.
  • Designed to transport required materials in separate bins whilst an on board computer continuously monitors and adjusts the ratios extracted, producing a high quality final product

Features & Benefits

  • Plant is completely autonomous and used as independent units. The unit is fixed mounted on a truck
  • Quality control via computerised electro hydraulic system for the regulation of additives inclusive of chemical additives and wate
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