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Mobile Paste Plant and Accessories

1 x Batchcrete Mobile Paste Multimix 3 Bin System

The Multimix 3 bin system is a semi-mobile plant.
The unit can be transported on trucks or flat racks and is quick and simple to assemble.


Fitted with High Performance Batchcrete Twin Shaft Horizontal Mixer
– Output/flow rate between 60m3 to 150m3/hour
– Total storage capacity 33 m³ (divided into n.3 modular and independent compartments)
– Storage capacity of each compartment 11 m³/each
– loading width of each compartment 3.3 m/each
– Loading height min. 4.3 m
– Screw-conveyor-silo coupling, water and additive plant coupling (onto unloading conveyor)
– Upper extra boards hinged on three sides
– Longitudinal ambidextrous board (to allow full freedom when positioning it)
– (ambidextrous) galvanized padding on one side in order to carry out the loading ramp
– Adjustable galvanized bolted leg extensions


– Aggregate weighing/batching system with load cells (n°4 for each compartment) by deduction
– 4 x electronic terminals with alpha-numerical keyboard and display
– fixed control board on board of the machine (it is to be quoted separately)


– 5 x galvanized extractor belts with smooth belt applied to the unloading doors
– Electric vibrator kits (2 on each bin) to favour material flow
– Elevator belt with rubber mat with 100 m3/h max flow rate
– Unloading conveyor (at the upper end of the bucket belt) in Hardox anti-wear plate


– Square metal mesh perimeter protections
– Emergency pushbuttons for plant stop
– Emergency perimeter rope with electric travel-end stop for the blockage of the bucket elevator belt
– “Minicelere” siren for the signaling of the plant start and of the exhaustion of the product within the bins
– Luminous indicators to signal run, stop and re-loading of the plant
– Gates for plant inspection and maintenance


– External finishing: epoxy primer and polyurethane glaze finishing
– RAL colour: 7038 – SAMI standard;
– Absorbed power: 80 kW;
– Power supply: three-phase 380 V – 50 Hz;
– Use and maintenance manual and EC Declaration of Conformity


1st package: length 11.00 m – width 2.44 m – height 2.80 m –– weight 15,000 kg.
2nd package: length 11.00 m – width 2.44 m – height 2.80 m –– weight 10,000 kg.

Management SystemUntitled-2

1 x Touchscreen management system (Multimix)
For management of 1 x aggregate plant with mixer and 1 x cement silo by means of a single control panel. The supply includes:

– 1 x fixed control panel on board of the machine
– 1 x metal cabinet for control panel protection
– 1 x LCD colour touchscreen display
– 1 x management software
– 1 x warning siren for the signalling of the plant start and of the end of product inside the tanks
– Power supply: three-phase 380 V – 50 Hz.


– Storage of recipes storage of recipes on a cubic meter basis (up to the maximum storage capacity of available memory)
– Insertion of all identification data into the recipe in compliance with EN 206 standards
– Storage of simplified recipes by indicating the component within the raw materials archive and entering of the amount onto a numerical keypad appearing within a display window
– Possibility to recall and copy a recipe for the storage of an analogous one with minimum required changes only
– Automatic calculation of the particle size range to correct the mix water in order to take into account the moisture withheld by aggregate materials depending on concrete requested performances (RCK, workability, environmental class exposure, etc…)
– Compatible format with EXCEL® electronic calculation spreadsheet, in order to make it possible to export, change and store new recipes
– Batching management program with 0.5 to 12 m3 extraction launch
– Simplified batching launch program (choice of a recipe with automatic access to the archive through the visualisation of an automatically opened window on the display, indication of the amount to be produced, data confirmation and batching launch)
– Automatic correction of the moisture quantity withheld by aggregate materials, which is measured by means of probes or manual entering of plant parameters
– Possibility of interrupting automatic batching, passage to manual mode with integration of products, return to automatic batching
– Automatic archiving of performed batching with progressive number, date, batching launch time
– Archiving capacity up to the maximum capacity of the available memory and possibility to recall batching processes by number, day of production or used recipe
– Possibility to download batching reports via USB pen drive or network cable for display on PC
– PLC software program.

Integrated VSD to all pumps and flowmeters.Untitled-4

1 x batching unit for water
– Single-door cabinet for the housing of components
– 1 x 2” flow meter with impulse emitting device with 1 impulse / 1 litre ratio
– 1 x 2” electro-pneumatic ball valve for batching closure
– 1 x centrifugal batching pump with 400 litre/min flow rate
– Pre-arranged for the communication with the automatic control system of the batching unit

– Absorbed power 1.5 kW
– Power supply: three-phase 380 V – 50 Hz

1 x batching unit for additives (for 2 x additives)
This device is configured for the batching of n.2 additives (optional management up to max 4 additives) and of washing water.

– Single-door cabinet for the housing of components
– 1 x magnetic induction flow meter with 1 impulse 1 deciliter ratio
– 1 x gear pump
– 3 x electro-pneumatic valves for the closing of tanks pipes
– Absorbed power 0.75 kW
– Power supply: three-phase 380 V – 50 Hz

EUROSILO 45/DE (Has the option to run two Horizontal Silo’s)
E42DE – Mobile horizontal silo for cement storage and batching. It can be transported on trucks or flat rack
Containers and it is realised for quick positioning and handling.


– Total storage capacity: 45 m³ (~59 ton – calculated with specific theoretical weight 1400 kg/m³);
– Support frame with n.6 telescopic legs (for loading, unloading and parking of the silo)


– 1 x inner loading pipe;
– øe210-øi114mm loading pipe flange – n. 4 ø20mm holes, centre to centre distance 165mm;
– 1 x inner vent pipe.


– 1 x vibration system to facilitate material flow;
– 1 x horizontal extraction screw conveyor (for the extraction of material from the silo);
– 1 x butterfly valve with manual control on the horizontal screw conveyor unloading side;
– 1 x cement weighing/batching system with load cells by deduction..


– 1 x (pressure control) safety valve on the roof;
– 1 x hatch bolted on the roof;
– 1 x lateral hatch to inspect the intermediate support of the horizontal screw feeder;
– 2 x header hinged hatches for internal inspection and maintenance;
– 1 x toolbox.


– External finishing: epoxy primer and polyurethane glaze finishing;
– RAL colour: 7038 – SAMI standard;
– Power supply: three-phase 380 V – 50 Hz;
– Use and maintenance manual;
– EC Declaration of Conformity.


– Package n.1: length 9.70 m – width 2.45 m – height 3.00 m.

1 x Unloading screw conveyor ø194x5000mm (~17 m³/h)

ACC0065 – Tubular screw conveyor for the unloading of materials stored in silos.Untitled-6

– dimensioned for cement or similar materials;
– Flow rate: ~17 m³/h;
– Screw conveyor diameter: ø194 mm;
– Screw conveyor pipe length: 5000 mm;
– Nominal screw conveyor inclination: 45°;
– Adjustable ball coupling (± 5° in vertical direction, ± 80° in horizontal direction);
– 1 x intermediate support;
– 1 x chain tie rod;

1 x Electric control panel

ACC0165 – This article can be combined with EUROSILO DE in order to control material unloading and it

– 1 x electric switchboard panel applied to the silo;
– 1 x electronic instrument;
– 1 x vibrator pushbutton.
– Power supply: three-phase 440 V – 50 Hz.

Dust filter ø600 applied to the rear side
ACC0006 – Cartridge filter to collect dust during the filling of the silo; it can be applied to the silo using
Brackets, it does not require any assembly/disassembly during the transport phase.


– Diameter ø600;
– Filtering elements: cartridges;
– Total filtering surface: 16 m²;
– Type of cleaning: electric vibrator;
– Power supply: three-phase 440 V – 50 Hz.

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