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  • The Vibromatic 3000 is a completely automatic and versatile machine that’s electronically adjusted by the VICOM II control system and produces a great variety of concrete products including:
    • Pipes up to 3000 mm long and a diameter of 2000 mm
  • The Vibromatic 3000 is suited for multiple productions with two or three pipes of different diameter, risers, cones, bases for manholes, and special products.


  • Mould changes are easy and fast. This makes it possible to change moulds daily to suit production requirements.
  • This is made easy because the locking and the unlocking of the outer mould and the inner core are hydraulic. Only the product supporting plate has to be inserted.

Features and Benefits

  • Features that make the Vibromatic 3000 an excellent choice are:
    • Easy installation
    • Functions that smooth the inner surface of the pipe
    • Mechanical adjustment of the vibrators for stroke-force and the speed of the vibrators by means of electric inverter
    • The automatic feeding of the base pallets
    • Easy access to the hopper for inspection and cleaning operations
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