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  • The Rotovibromatic machine produces products with unthreading moulds and tilting mould systems such as manhole bases and tanks.


  • This universal machine produces a wide variety of square and rectangular products up to 2600mm x 2600mm and 2000mm x 3000mm.
  • Pipes 3000m high and with a diameter of 2800mm
  • Three chamber basins and tanks with inner diameter up to 2800 mm and height ranging between 500 mm and 3000mm for storm drains and sewage tanks.
  • Other products also include manhole rings, manhole cones and bases, reinforced pipes, jacking pipes and other specially designed parts.

Features and Benefits

  • The Rotovibromatic can be modified for specific requirements with tools that diversify production and makes production totally automatic, thus providing benefits such as:
    • Reduction in labour requirements
    • Improved production speeds and faster mould changes.
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