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  • This extremely fast and versatile machine is fully automatic and designed for manufacturing a large quantity of reinforced or non-reinforced or flat base circular pipes to 3000 mm in length and 2000mm in diameter.
  • The Bimatic model works with a mobile core system. The concrete feeding is completely automatic. Belts are independently moved and they always adjust the concrete quantity in the best way, assuring the homogeneous mould filling.
  • The VICOM PC vibration system with fast mould change assure the highest precision and quality, suitable to satisfy the different requirements of a particular market.
  • The Rotovibromatic machine produces products with unthreading moulds and tilting mould systems such as manhole bases and tanks.


  • This machine can simultaneously produce two or three products per cycle Eg:
    • 3 pipes from 300 mm – 500mm in diameter per cycle,
    • 2 pipes up to 800mm per cycle
    • 1 pipe 900mm to 2000mm in diameter per cycle

Features and Benefits

  • The fully automatic work cycle and the electronic control system with the Vicom PC ensures the machine is easily managed. It also controls the quality and speed of the production process.
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