Batchcrete’s Automated Mould Feeding Line

Batchcrete’s Automated Mould Feeding Line2015-09-04T09:40:43+00:00



  • The Batchcrete feeding line is a purpose built system designed and built in Western Australia.
  • The unit will accept moulds of 400mm and 330mm square by 40mm high.
  • Moulds pass through a mould release spraying section. When sprayed the mould is moved along the line to the dosing head unit where the mould is dosed. Once filled the moulds traverse a set of vibrating modules for delivery to the flat bed conveyor and removal area for stacking.
  • This automated function allows for high volume manufacturing and provides the customer the flexibility to establish effective production procedures in a safe working environment.


  • Computer programs allow for varied mould sizes to be dosed.
  • The automated cycle takes about ten seconds and dependent on certain variables, paving production can reach 360 units per hour and sustained throughout the day.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed via an integrated weighing system
  • Compact in design, the dosing line incorporates automatic mould feed, spraying booth with liquid feed attachments and vibrating tables for maximum production within limited spaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully warranted with service support backup.
  • Mobile set-up and easy readjusting.
  • Dosing lines built to suit and generally range between 7 – 8 metres in length.
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