Batchcrete’s Automated Dosing Machine

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  • Designed to rapidly fill moulds with a precise dose of mixed product automatically, ensuring accurate and frequent mould charging.
  • PLC controlled, dosing can be adjusted to fill a wide range of moulds at various intervals. A computer program is fully integrated with weighing systems ensuring weights are held to close tolerances for accurate mould filling.
  • Designed for easy integration into Batchcrete’s complete dosing line solutions that facilitate production line processing such as conveying systems and de-moulders


  • The automated cycle takes approximately ten seconds for feeding and dosing, therefore eliminating labour intensive and time consuming processes.
  • Capable of dosing a wide range of materials other than concrete based products.
  • In-built hopper agitator prevents material segregation
  • No pre-levelling of ground required. Four levelling jacks ensure machine can be set up on uneven surface.
  • Drop down auger chamber for easy cleaning
  • Programmable feed rate allows adjustment of speed from high and reduces as required. It can also be adjusted to a stop position for manual feed.
  • Positive action clamshell doors minimise “in flight” material.
  • Positive material feed from specially designed heavy duty auger

Features and Benefits

  • Massive 420L hopper
  • Fork pockets to facilitate moving machine
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Designed to minimise operator fatigue
  • Can be operated manually or automatically
  • Drive motor 1.85kW
  • Hopper beater motor 1.1kW
  • Cycle rate 8 secs
  • Weigh table capacity 250kg
  • Vibrators (2) 100mve
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