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Is the Sami T2, T3 or T4 best for your mobile plant requirements?

When looking for an onsite mobile batching plant for producing concrete, preparing road base materials, or using mining waste to paste fill, you'll be presented with many choices. If you're looking for one that can store and extract aggregate materials, then you won’t go wrong with a Sami mobile plant – after all, it was one of the first mobile batching plants to enter the market. But would the Sami T2, T3 or T4 best suit your needs? It all depends on your production requirements. Why choose a Sami mobile [...]

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Meet Your Building Product Needs With Brick Paving And Concrete Limestone Block Manufacturing Solutions

Are you a builder or construction worker that often undertakes paving or masonry? If so, you'll know that the more efficiently you spend time on the job, the better it is for both you and your client. Often a project can be held up for several days or even weeks due to a lack of availability of resources, creating a disruption in everyone’s schedules, and results in time and money being wasted. Why not increase your productivity and efficiency by taking your building needs into your own hands? Simply invest [...]

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Mobile Mine Fill Paste Plants with Twin Shaft Mixers and Silos

Mines often require filling for underground areas where material has been extracted, or as a base from where material will be extracted from, which helps to prevent collapsing from drilling/blasting, or dilution. It’s a reality that in modern operations water is scarce, and can’t be freely used to create slurry, so many mines use paste mixes instead. When this is done, specialised equipment is needed, such as mobile mine fill paste plants that integrate a twin shaft mixer and silos. Paste backfill is versatile and has a low surface footprint, [...]

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Fixed VS mobile silos – which one is best for your business?

Many Australian mining, civil engineering, and construction businesses rely on silos (or mixing plants) in their daily operational requirements for mixing concrete, base, and paste mixtures for various applications. Deciding whether to opt for a fixed or mobile silo is an important decision to make, and picking the wrong one for your project can result in time and money wasted, and may even pose a safety hazard. The most obvious difference between a mixed and mobile silo is that one can be moved around, and the other remains in one [...]

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5 Maintenance Tips for Concrete Mixer

In case you have invested in a concrete mixer, you need to make sure the device is well taken care of to get the most bang for your buck. You need to perform regular checks and perform trouble shootings. You also need to inspect your mixture continuously and clean it out. To keep it in top form, you have to perform tune-ups repeatedly. Yes, you have to perform some regular maintenance on the mixer to improve its productivity, as it will keep the machine’s downtime to aminimumlevel while controlling maintenance [...]

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How to Buy a Good Concrete Mixer!

How do you get a good concrete mixer? Well, it’s not all intuitive, but you need to follow a few guidelines. Besides, it's responsible for doing one of the most critical tasks. To help you invest wisely, we are giving you the following pointers: What is the difference between cement, concrete and mortar? All three of these are explained below: Mortar: This product composes of sand and cement. Water is added to activate cement. While concrete stands on itself, the mortar is used to hold bricks or other stones together. [...]

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Grout Plant for BAM Clough

Commencing in May, Batchcrete’s Twin Mix Grout Plant will be used in Onslow as part of the Wheatstone project. The two year venture involves grouting marine dolphins.Building on the knowledge from previous grout plant designs, Batchcrete purposely fabricated the unit to meet the project requirements. Capable of producing 10 – 15 cubes an hour and integrating a number of Batchcrete’s importer products the plant was completed in only six weeks. Housed within a mobile frame the plant has a number of components worth explaining. A)     Gantry: This motorised crane system [...]

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Sand Stabilisation Projects

Batchcrete succesfully complete two sand stablisation projects. The first of which involved use of the Bertoli ZS1260 mobile batch plant as part of the Orebody 24 project for BHP in Newman. Batchcrete were contracted to supply stabilised sand for culvert work. The second project also utilised the Bertoli ZS1260 as part of Rio Tinto’s Rail Duplication project in Karratha. In both instances Batchcrete personnel spearheaded the operation, providing the mining giants with a productive and lucrative solution. Batchcrete have now completed sand stablisation work for the likes of BHP, Rio Tinto, Ertech and Monadelphous KT.

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Batchcrete International is the first and only company in Australia to distribute Sami’s breakthrough mobile wet mix batch plant, TECNOMIX. The fully mobile wet mix batch plant produces high specification concrete suitable for road and rail projects. The TECNOMIX mobile plant boasts a hydraulic lifting system that allows compactness in transport but once installed allows the system to raise and bring it to a higher working position without the need of any external lifting equipment. The mobile package is completed with an integrated conveyor belt which can be hydraulically folded [...]

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Grout Plant Delivers 15m3 per hour

This month Batchcrete commences manufacturing their new Grout Plant. The plant has been in the design phase for almost four months where it underwent theoretical testing, resulting in four design changes before engineers were happy with the end result. The plant, capable of loading from 1 tonne bulk bags, is fully automated adding water, powder and additives at pre-set amounts and delivering up to 15m3 per hour of mixed grout or any other cementitious based product including bentonite mixes. Related Tag: Batchcrete International

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