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Why Do I Need a Mobile Batching Plant?

Mobile batch plants or our new Kimera mobile volumetric concrete mixers that has the ability to weigh in all products and complies with Australian Standards AS1379 allow you to produce high quality concrete on site. It’s a transportable unit that you can take from place to place as required and make concrete according to any specification. The benefits of using a mobile batch plant are huge, from eliminating construction costs to ensuring you get durable, well mixed concrete for your project. Mobile batch plants are generally mounted on a truck [...]

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Large-Scale Batching Solutions for Mining

Having an accurate and efficient batching process that produces high quality, uniform concrete is essential in the mining sector. To ensure your next mining project goes forward as planned, ensure you get the right kind of wet batching plant. The ideal solution is one with a silo and mixer option included, is quick and easy to use, has the necessary capacity and is mobile. Importance of Quality Batching The durability of a structure depends strongly on the quality of concrete used, something that is determined by the process of measuring [...]

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How Should I Store Powdered Materials in Bulk?

From bags and pellets to large vertical silos, there are multiple options when it comes to storing your powdered materials in bulk. However, when it comes to reducing costs, keeping the powdered materials safe and streamlining operations, silos are the best option for bulk storage. Off-the-shelf solutions are rarely appropriate for large scale storage as each situation warrants different design approaches. Suppliers like Batchcrete can custom design your silo to suit your specific needs. This includes your volume requirements, space restrictions at the site, climate, availability of cranes and personal [...]

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The Inner Workings of a Batching Plant

A batching plant, also known as a concrete plant or batch plant, combines various ingredients to form concrete. Some of the materials used can include water, rocks, gravel, sand, lime, fly ash, potash and cement. Batching plants are generally designed to suit individual needs. The two primary types of batching plants are dry mix batching plants and wet mix batching plants. The former involves mixing all the dry materials first and then dispatching it into a transit mixer (mobile concrete mixer truck) where water is added. The latter involves homogeneously [...]

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The Best Silos for Your Industry

Your company may need to handle bulk amounts of material, and it can be difficult to determine what kind of storage equipment is best for your needs. Your requirements will vary depending on whether you store aggregates, chemical powder, wood chips, plastics, sand, minerals, food or grain. In any case, an off-the-shelf silo will probably not provide an ideal solution. To help determine what kind of silo is best for you, consider your specific requirements before engaging a supplier as they will be able to tailor a solution according to [...]

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Understanding Twin Shaft Mixers

Twin shaft mixers are ideal for industries that require large volumes of high-quality concrete. Using powerful twin shafts that counter rotate allows for fast mixing action, consistency and rapid discharge. It can handle mix designs with coarse aggregates up to six inches in diameter. Twin shaft mixers may be used to prepare everything from ready-mix and precast concrete to glass batch, sand-lime bricks, asphalt and more. Twin shaft mixers can come as batch mixers or as continuous mixers depending on how much concrete needs to be produced. How the Twin [...]

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What Is a Planetary Mixer for Concrete?

The Sicoma planetary mixer is a fixed, heavy duty, general purpose mixer that provides world class mixing action. It’s ideal for manufacturing building products at a large volume while ensuring consistency and high quality. Using a unique mixing action, materials like resins, clay, reconstituted limestone and more can be blended to manufacture blocks, suspended concrete floors and other building products. The planetary mixer has one or two mixing stars that rotate around themselves as well as rotating around a central point, enabling each arm to cover every inch of the [...]

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All about Continuous Mixers

There are a range of different industrial mixing technologies, applications and methods. Cement mixers vary in size, shapes, arrangements and modes of operation but will nearly always be a continuous mixer or batch mixer. Continuous mixing and batch mixing are two different ways of mixing concrete and other products, each suited to different circumstances. As the name suggests, continuous mixers allow you to continuously load, mix and discharge concrete until the required amount is achieved. Materials are loaded in manually using screw feeders. Continuous mixing is ideal for large scale [...]

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The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Silos

Many manufacturing, mining, construction and civil engineering companies across Australia need silos or mixing plants to conduct their daily operations, including mixing and dispensing cement, lime, base and paste mixtures for a variety of applications. Silos can come in a range of types, including mobile or fixed and horizontal or vertical. Which one is best suited for your needs? It depends on factors like the environment the silo is operating in, volume needs, availability of cranes and personal preferences. If you’re looking for concrete batching equipment for sale, ensure you [...]

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Which Kind of Concrete Mixer Will Suit My Needs?

Concrete plays a crucial role in every construction project. Mixing high-quality concrete is a process that requires accuracy, efficiency and the right equipment - which can vary according to the situation. Every contractor should ensure they have the right kind of concrete mixer for the job. There are many variables to help you determine what’s right for the project at hand including the amount of concrete you need and whether our new mobile volumetric concrete mixer that has the ability to weigh in all products and complies with Australian Standards [...]

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