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It’s All in the small details, with KOMPACT

Looking for a mass concrete producer, with all the additional touches? A high technology machine that leaves nothing to the imagination? The Kompact may be right for you. Masculinity at its finest with overarching power, this 85 000kg machine is designed to assist you on every project, without fail. Below we have highlighted but a few of the many features this beast holds. Standard Features For The Not So Standard Site The Kompact comes standard with jaw-dropping features that in days past would have cost an additional fortune to add [...]

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Batchcrete Mobile Paste Plant for Underground Mine Filling

The Batchcrete Mobile Paste Multimix 3-180 LT System has a powerful and intimidating name, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a semi-mobile plant. Created as a semi-mobile plant with mixer for the production of Minefill Paste and rolled-compacted concrete by continuous batching, it is every construction site dream. Easily transportable on trucks or flat-rack containers, its main feature is realised for quick assembly/disassembly, because there is nothing worse than spending two days having to disassemble a unit, we got you. The real showstopper, [...]

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The Power Of The KOMPACT Batch Plant

KOMPACT, a condensed dry batching plant which encompasses all of the features you desire from a full dry batch plant. Easily transportable by tractor or articulated vehicle makes the KOMPACT just that much more desirable. With an added bonus of not requiring a crane to lift in place. Having the ability to produce concrete directly on the construction site where it is ultimately needed saves you both time and money. The plant is equipped with two hoppers for stocking and dosing aggregate and a horizontal silo with a storage capacity [...]

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Ecomix batch plant

With mining and construction production increasing at an alarming rate, many suppliers have been known to rush into the creation of machinery which has barely improved on from its predecessor. ECOMIX batch plant in conjunction with SAMI, have uniquely designed a batch plant which is able to provide both wet and dry tails for underground Minefill Paste as well as for the treatment of contaminated soil. Main Characteristics With a state-of-the-art extraction system which includes chains and shovels as well as a fully inclined bin laced in specialised materials, it [...]

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The Difference Between Dry And Wet Batch Concrete Plants: Introducing The ECOMIX

The only two broad categories of batching plants that matter is the dry mix batching concrete plant and the wet batching concrete plant. Each of these kinds of machines is used to produce concrete but the key difference lies in the way that wet batching plants can produce concrete without help. Dry machines, however, need to work with a mixer first. Stay tuned for more aspects that separate these two batching categories. Technical Differences Aside from the different appearances that wet and dry concrete batching machines have, the only difference [...]

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The Advantages Of A Kompact Mobile Batch Plant Vs. Others

A compact batching plant is a unique variation of your standard concrete batching plant. You might even say that it’s an upgrade. The big difference between the concrete batching plant other batch plants is the way that the plant combines the mobility of mobile concrete plants with the durability that stationary concrete plants offer. More on this below. The Difference Of Having A Kompact Mobile Batch Plant Since the convenience of mobility is paired with the durability of a stationary plant, the other perks that come with this machine are [...]

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Four Expert Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Cement Mixer

Working in construction can get pretty messy. There are all kinds of materials and tools, each playing a role in building something structural. While cement mixers are designed to withstand the conditions of the construction industry, it doesn't mean you should neglect to take care of them. When you own or rent equipment, such as a cement mixer, you want to make sure that you keep it in the best possible condition so that it’s always ready to work, and work well. This reduces the amount of time you use [...]

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3 Essential Questions To Ask Suppliers When Shopping For Mobile Silos

If you type the keyword ‘mobile silos’ into a search engine, more than 16 million results pop up. As a potential buyer, this doesn’t do much for you if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Instead, it may leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. The selection process for an investment this big shouldn’t be taken lightly. You have to complete all the checks before signing off on any cheques. Sure, you could start by going through some of the websites on page one to peruse the information, but [...]

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Advantages Of Large Or Small Fixed Concrete Plants You Need To Know About!

Perhaps the most compelling case for large or small fixed concrete plants is that they are fantastic when needing accurate dosing and high quality on a constant basis for ongoing mining and construction projects. They are more suitable for construction projects of large work quantity for longer construction periods. The need to move a mobile concrete plant from one location to another, and the stress and hassle that goes with it, is removed with fixed concrete plants. And, better yet, they’re also a money saver, saving on costs incurred by [...]

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Advantages Of Wet And Dry Mobile Concrete Plants

For those not in the know, a mobile, or transportable, dry batch plant boasts single or multi-bin dry batches, a mobile horizontal silo, additional vertical storage silo option, a fully automated system and a water tank and pump option. A wet batching plant contains multi-bin units, planetary or twin shaft mixers and a skip or conveyor feed. Benefits Of Going Mobile Mobile batch plants are a necessity when working on multiple construction and building sites. Not only are they more convenient, they’re also much easier to transport by truck or [...]

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