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S38- High Pressure Injection Piston Pump

Capable of injecting cement and bentonite based grouts at a constant high pressure. With built in Mixer and remote control the diesel (or electric) over hydraulic piston pump is ideal for the geotechnical, ground engineering industry. Also just as capable in mixing and pumping screeds and spraying with 8 mm aggregate sizes.

Trailer can be licenced for trouble free transport.

All pumps come complete with hoses, injection gun and tool box, ready to work.


  • Injection Grouts
  • Bentonite based material
  • Concrete toppings (8mm aggregate).
  • Fibre reinforced mortars
  • Piling, Anchors and Tunnel work
  • High Volume productivity

Technical Specifications

Pump Horizontal-mtr 100
Pump Vertical-mtr 40
Output- ltr/min 3.5m3 /hr
Pressure- Bar 70
Power Diesel 18kw     Electric 415v 7.5kw
Mixing Motor kW Hyd
Mixer Volume- Ltr 180
Agitator Volume-Ltr 180
Compressor Output- ltr/min 400
Max Agg Size-mm 8
Length-mm 5900
Width-mm 1845
Height-mm 1600
Weight -kg 1250

Features & Benefits

  • High Pressure injection
  • Diesel or Electric power options
  • All in one unit-  Mixer, Pump & Remote
  • Triailer for easy trasnport
  • PilinHigh Volume productivity
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