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Top Tips for Grout Mixing and Pumping

Mixing and pumping cement-based grouts correctly is essential to save time and money, and contractors need to consider several factors for optimum success. As you may know, there are numerous kinds of materials available for different applications, and it is crucial for contractors to be familiar with the varying characteristics of each material they intend to use.

Here, we’ll look at ways to help you master the art of grout pumping.


First, you need to be aware of the different types of commercially manufactured materials on the market. These include materials for structural repairs, floor toppings, high-strength, no-shrink grouts and so forth. Each of these has unique qualities, and you need to understand them to be able to use them successfully.


The material needs to flow or be pourable. This consistency will enable successful pumping. This is slightly different to repair mortars, which tend to be mixed to a thicker consistency and require different pumping techniques. Material containing aggregates need to be able to flow smoothly for successful pumping and perform best at more fluid consistencies.

Setting Time

Accelerating additives in some materials reduce setting time significantly. You must know the setting time because once the material is mixed, it must be pumped immediately and kept in motion to avoid plugged hoses and equipment during the application process.

Grout Pumping Set-Up

Where you set up is crucial, and you will need to consider access to the site, material and water, as well as the disposal of waste and wash-out residue. Keeping grout lines as short as possible to reduce pumping distances is a good idea, especially for hard-to-pump materials like sanded grouts. Next, make sure that you have plenty of access to materials like cement and sand as you don’t want to run out half way through mixing. You also need an adequate supply of water for mixing and clean up.

It is important to remember that changing mixtures is hugely time-consuming, so make sure that you plan your project around this. By setting up correctly, you can cut the amount of time mixing takes considerably. If you need expert advice on grout mixing or pumping give Batchcrete a call today.


An all in one unit comprising of a Mixer, Pump and Compressor for spraying.  S8 Smart is ideal for grouting, self levelling and spray applications. Trailer can be licenced for trouble free towing to and from site.

All pumps come complete with hoses, spray guns, spray nozzles and tool box, ready to work.

Features and Benefits

  • CE Compliant
  • Equipped with latest and most reliable safety devices.
  • Either Petrol, diesel or electric power
  • Built in Compressor for Spraying
  • Low height for easy mixer use
  • Easily towed

Technical Specifications

  S8- Smart S8- 240v S8- 415v
Pump Horizontal-mtr 40 40 60
Pump Vertical-mtr 15 15 30
Output- ltr/min 20 20 30
Pressure- Bar 8 8 12
Pumping Motor Diesel 240v 15amp 415v 32amp
Mixing Motor kW .75kw .75kw .75kw
Mixer Volume- Ltr 80 80 80
Agitator Volume-Ltr 120 120 120
Compressor Output- ltr/min 250 250 340
Max Agg Size-mm 4 4 6
Length-mm 2700 2700 2700
Width-mm 1150 1150 1150
Height-mm 1200 1200 1200
Weight -kg 430 430 440
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