Officine Piccini MF-250

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  • The MF series of batching plants are ideal for any application where accurate dosing and high quality concrete is required on a consistent and regular basis.
  • The MF250 system is ideal for manufacturing building materials such as pavers, blocks, pipes and soak wells to name a few. Its application is only limited by the imagination.
  • The MF series comes in a range of models to suit a company’s individual productivity and factory dynamics.
  • The MF batching plants are easily transportable using standard containers
  • Due to the MF series modular design, Batchcrete consultants can assess individual requirements and modify units to suit, including the addition of silos up to 2500kg if required.
  • CE compliant and built to the highest ISO standards, all models are built for safety and include a viewing and servicing platform, safety rails and safety switches to name a few.
  • The MF series also incorporate ergonomic design into all equipment.


  • The MF series Batch Plant has a production cycle of approximately two minutes and can deliver between 250 – 750 litres of batched materials per cycle dependent on model.
  • This automated process starts with the aggregate being fed from the scraping arm into a hopper, where it is weighed via a load cell for precision. Once the loading is complete, the cement is loaded via the screw conveyor from the bag-breaking hopper or via the silo depending on model. This is also weighed for accuracy.
  • Separate compartment to load additives into cement mix on an as need basis
  • Automated water injection system which allows manual adjustments for specific batches.
  • Once the batch is complete the aggregate is emptied through a hydraulic controlled discharging door into the mixing chamber. Water is also metered into the chamber. On completion, the mix is discharged via a hydraulic discharge door.
  • The end result is a high quality mix that allows continuous production line applications and cost efficiencies.

Features and Benefits

  • Mixing motors range from 5kW to 7.5kW
  • Conveyor / scraping arm motor range from 1.5 – 2.2kW
  • Optional hydraulic hopper for loading of aggregates available on smaller models if manual loading is preferred to conveyor system
  • Hydraulic system motor range from .5 – 2.2kW
  • Six months full manufacturers warranty.
  • Committed aftermarket support and availability of spare parts



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