Concrete Pumps

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  • Application
    • Powerfull piston driven line pump ideal for pouring concrete slabs
    • Mobile trailer mounted pump provides versatility in difficult access areas
    • Capable of pumping concrete vertically
    • Safe method of concrete placement
    • Patented “Pulsar Valve” control system ensures low maintenance & smooth pouring
    • Shot-crete for tunneling and special applications
  • Applications
    • Ideal for pouring volume concrete for footings, floors & suspended slabs
    • Fast, economical and safe method of pouring concrete
    • Ideal for pouring concrete at height
    • Easy to move from site to site
    • Concrete pumping systems, output from 25m3/hr – 150m3/hr
    • Concrete booms from 12m to 53m (3,4&5 sections, R and ZR folds)
    • Shot-crete for tunneling and special applications

Concrete Pump Hire Perth

The cement is nearing the end of its journey by the time we reached the stage where a concrete pump is needed, there are basically two kinds of concrete pumps available to you, the first kind is attached to the concrete transport truck and this is known as a boom concrete pump. This is known as a boom because of its robotic arm that protrudes out of the truck which places the concrete in the exact location.

The second type of concrete pump is somewhat less accurate but just as efficient is the line pump which is simply mounted on to the rear of the trailor – this kind of concrete pump needs a steel pipe or hose to be attached to the line in order to diseminate the concrete effectively.

Effectively, you will need to buy a concrete line pump if you want to remove your mixed cement/concrete from your concrete truck and use it on your job site.

Fortunately, at Batchcrete, we offer a large variety of concrete pumps for sale or for hire. Each of our concrete pumps is of the highest standard and comes with a guarantee of excellence as we only stock the best and most well-known brands in our factory.

Each of our parts comes with a service warranty and is fully insured so that even when the unthinkable happens and your jobsite is under shut down while your machinery is being repaired you can rest assured that we are doing so in a timeous manner – after all, time is money.

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