• 3m³ capacity silo for dispensing bulk bag powders
  • Skid mounted
  • Weighing and Batching system with 4 load cells and electronic terminal
  • Additional timed extraction system
  • User friendly terminal via alpha-numeric keyboard and display
  • 194mm x 6m auger – flow rate approx. 15m³ (20t) per hour with adjustable ball coupling
  • Over 4m discharge height
  • Vibrator on cone to assist material flow

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Bulk Bag Dispenser


  • Heavy duty construction withstands the harshest site conditions.
  • High output screw conveyor and load cells with deductive weighing system guarantees accurate dispensing
  • Allows target weight to be dialled into the controller and when reached, the controller stops the feed.
  • Steps are provided for inspection and access to the cover if required.

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Telescopic Silos


  • Batchcrete have a wide range of telescopic silos to choose from or we can make to order
  • Vertical monolithic silos are ideal for the storage and discharge of cement, lime or fly-ash.
  • Suit for direct feed into mixer trucks, batching plants or industrial mixers.
  • Telescopic silo’s come in 26, 32 & 40m³ capacities

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Sami – Eurosilos (Horizontal)


  • he Eurosilo with measuring device is a mobile container used for storage and discharge of cement or other bulk material such as lime, fly-ash etc.
  • It’s strong, simple and mobile design makes the Eurosilo ideal for remote work where reliability is critical
  • Ideal in the provision of effective storage solutions and dosing controls with capabilities of providing effective data for quality control.

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Cement Dispensers


  • Batch cement dispensing units are ideal for either remote or local conditions.
  • Used to feed mixers and batch plants with cement, lime or fly-ash on a consistent basis.
  • Batchcrete dispensers are also highly sort after due to their accurate volume and constant movement of material.

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2018 06 12 1024 150x150 - Cement Storage and Dispensing


• Telescopic, Panel or segmental types from 20t up 1200t
• Mobile Horizontal silo from 20t up to 70t require no foots
or cranes to set up. Set up in 4 hours
• Screw conveyors
• Suit for direct feed into mixer trucks, batching plants or
industrial mixers.
• Loss in weight batching or via weigh hopper
• Fully equipped or as stand alone units
• Sailor stairs/optional outlet piped to ground
• Pressure relief valves
• Level indicators

2018 06 12 1040 150x150 - Cement Storage and Dispensing


• Various lengths up to 13m standard.
• Outputs from 5 to 150 tonne per hour
• Variable pitch flights prevent compaction
• Oil immersed reduction gearboxes
• Flanged or Universal inlets
• Operation from 0 to 45 degree (Vertical option)

Concrete Cement Silo

Cement Storage Silo’s are an important part of Cement production – ideally one should aim for a shelf life of approximately 2 days and allow for easy access to the cement.

There is much debate over the most effective type of Cement storage silo on the market – horizontal or tall silo – although many contractors believe that this comes down to personal preference.

If you are in the market to buy a Cement storage silo,it is advised to do your research carefully before making the purchase as cement is a dusty process and and requires highly efficient modes of storage and stransportation. When you are in the construction industry cement dispensers and lime dispensers are a necessity – as they are an integral part of the puzzle. Fortunately most cement storage silo’s are portable and can be moved from site to site.

The moveable silo’s are known as portable Cement Silo’s and have a capacity of 50-75 tonnes – not only are the easy to transport but they are also easy to set up and break down once the job – or the need for them – is complete.

The fixed Silo’s range from 20 tons to 2000 tons.

Now-a-days, the portable Cement Storage Silo is equipped with an electronic scale so the exact amount of powder/cement can be discharged at any one time – increasing the efficiency of your project seeing as you will not be prone to wastage. An electric scale will also be able to give you an indication of how much powder remains in your Cement Silo.

Batchcrete Cement Storage Silo’s are of the highest quality and are made in our warehouse/factory in Perth, Australia – we are a big name local brand that supports local workmen.

When you buy from Batchcrete you are not only buying the best brand names, in Cement Silo’s and cement dispensers you are also getting a great after sale care option as well – ensuring that even after your cement storage silo is installed on your job site or mine it will continue to run smoothly and will not let you down.

It is often easy to overlook the importance of a Lime Dispenser as not every build or project requires lime as an ‘ingredient’ however a Lime Despenser is just as crucial as a cement dispenser. These will aid in accurately measuring out the correct amount of cement or lime which can ultimately save you and your project money at the end of they day.

Our after-sale care is enshrined in our policy because we know just how complex this industry is as well as the pressures that come with it.

Cement Silo for Sale

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team – by phone or on our website and let us help you install the right cement storage silo today!