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  • The Eurosilo with measuring device is a mobile container used for storage and discharge of cement or other bulk material such as lime, fly-ash etc.
  • It’s strong, simple and mobile design makes the Eurosilo ideal for remote work where reliability is critical
  • Ideal in the provision of effective storage solutions and dosing controls with capabilities of providing effective data for quality control purposes
  • The silo is fabricated from steel plate specifically designed and shaped to ensure a free flow and natural drop of materials onto a horizontal auger for easy and trouble free discharge.
  • Easily integrated with other equipment including water tanks, batchers and pumps
  • Comes in 15, 28, 34 and 45m3 capacity


  • The plant features an on-board management systems that operates the different components eg:
    • Augers are managed by on-board control panel
    • The vibrators and the pumps are managed by a timer and a microprocessor which can be programmed as required.
    • System allows constant control of quantities and weight of materials and water stored and extracted.
    • Up to 99 modifiable dosages can be memorised.
  • The horizontal auger at the bottom of the silo extracts materials and conveys it to a second feed auger that’s on a 45 degree incline and conveys the material over a height of 4.2m.
  • The feed auger has an adjustable ball coupling to obtain various angles of inclination both in vertical and horizontal, allowing the silo to be placed in several positions for operation
  • The bin is supported by 4 electronic load cells, which transfer the load on a suitable framework
  • The framework features 4 telescopic support legs that can be extracted horizontally and adjusted in height. These supports allow loading and unloading from the truck or trailer as well as easy positioning on site.

Features and Benefits

Dependent on model

  • Total storage space between 15 – 45m³
  • Load cells – 4
  • Vibrators – 6
  • Horizontal auger
  • Inclined auger up to 4.2m with adjustable ball coupling.
  • Loading pipe,
  • Relief pipe
  • Manhole
  • Pressure relief value.
  • Electronic control panel
  • Load cell weighing system with electronic instruments
  • Manually operating off loading legs with two-speed reductor
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