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The Best Silos for Your Industry

Your company may need to handle bulk amounts of material, and it can be difficult to determine what kind of storage equipment is best for your needs. Your requirements will vary depending on whether you store aggregates, chemical powder, wood chips, plastics, sand, minerals, food or grain. In any case, an off-the-shelf silo will probably not provide an ideal solution. To help determine what kind of silo is best for you, consider your specific requirements before engaging a supplier as they will be able to tailor a solution according to [...]

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Reduce air void cement clustering with the right batching plant

Cement clustering is a problem that can seriously hamper construction and building efforts, and it’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the problem until it’s too late. A common issue is too much air in the concrete mix, which is usually only be detected a minimum of a month after the mix has been laid and put to use, by which time the project will have already commenced. By this point, the resultant poor compression strength will have started to cause problems, and little can be done to remedy [...]

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