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Concrete is a staple in every building and construction project in Australia, which means that if you’re in the industry, you’ll need the right equipment to prepare and store it on the job site where it’s needed. The most important machine you’ll need is a concrete mixer. A reputable concrete mixer supplier should be able to provide you with enough options to meet your needs. Here are a few questions worth asking a potential supplier to find out if they have the necessary capacity. Can you offer a decent range [...]

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Reduce air void cement clustering with the right batching plant

Cement clustering is a problem that can seriously hamper construction and building efforts, and it’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the problem until it’s too late. A common issue is too much air in the concrete mix, which is usually only be detected a minimum of a month after the mix has been laid and put to use, by which time the project will have already commenced. By this point, the resultant poor compression strength will have started to cause problems, and little can be done to remedy [...]

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The Tecnomix4 LT-1500 Is The Solution To Your On-Site Concrete Creation Needs

When you’re executing a large-scale construction or mining project, you can’t afford to have any delays. This means that to ensure production occurs as planned and without delays you’ll need some kind of mobile wet batching plant (preferably with a silo and mixer option included) that’s easy and quick to use and has the necessary capacity. Here’s why Tecnomix’s4 LT-1500 more than fits the bill. ON-SITE CONVENIENCE The Tecnomix 4 LT-1500 can be easily transported to any site using a truck or flat-rack container, and it can be assembled and [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Mobile Horizontal Silos

When most businesses think of their options in terms of silo transportation and storage, they immediately think of mobile vertical silos. While these are great and have their value, it’s important to remember that other options exist that might be helpful if you’re dealing with a situation where cranes are not available/cannot be used or where anchoring is not possible. We call them mobile horizontal silos, and this is how they could benefit your business. What are mobile horizontal silos? Mobile horizontal silos are used in conjunction with truck mixers [...]

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Everything you need to know about our mobile paste plants

Mobile paste plants are popular for use in underground mining as well as any other situation that requires batched mixtures to be created. In order to have a mobile paste plant that makes your job easier and simpler, it needs to meet a certain standard. Batchcrete’s mobile past plants are guaranteed to impress, even the toughest critics. Here’s what you need to know about them. Introducing our Mobile Paste Plant Batchcrete’s mobile paste plant consists of a 2.8-metre-high, 10-15 000 kg 3-bin system that can easily be transported to and [...]

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What to Consider When Looking For a Concrete Mixing Plant For Your Project

Construction projects have budgets that can quickly and unnecessarily become exhausted if the project isn’t properly planned out. Decisions about a concrete mixing plant, also known as a batch plant, is normally some of the most important ones you’ll make for the project, and requires you to makevarious considerations before you proceed. One big question that determines the batch plant you will choose, is whether you are planning to buy it or loan it from another builder? With that said, these are some of the factors you need to consider: [...]

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New Versus Used Concrete Equipment – Which Is Best For Your Business?

Ready to invest in a kibble, conveyor and agitator truck concrete equipment? A big decision you’ll make is deciding whether to splurge on something brand new or rather go for a pre-owned model. If you’re wondering what’s best, we can tell you there’s no right or wrong choice – only one that would better suit your business than the other. Here’s what you ought to consider when deciding. COST While the assumption is that pre-owned is cheaper than new, this isn’t necessarily true. Before you eye up the lower price [...]

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Choosing An Insulated Water Tank For Your Concrete Manufacturing Project

Manufacturing concrete in hot conditions can impact the end result. Whether it’s due to abnormally high weather temperatures (anything above 30 degrees can have an impact, and this is common in Australia) or because of surrounding furnaces or heat generating machinery impacting negatively on the quality of your concrete. Here’s why it’s well worth considering choosing an insulated water tank. THE IMPORTANCE OF TEMPERATURE Most concrete mixtures are made up of 70 or 90 percent of water and aggregates, and as a whole the mixture gains and loses heat easily. [...]

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Is the Sami T2, T3 or T4 best for your mobile plant requirements?

When looking for an onsite mobile batching plant for producing concrete, preparing road base materials, or using mining waste to paste fill, you'll be presented with many choices. If you're looking for one that can store and extract aggregate materials, then you won’t go wrong with a Sami mobile plant – after all, it was one of the first mobile batching plants to enter the market. But would the Sami T2, T3 or T4 best suit your needs? It all depends on your production requirements. Why choose a Sami mobile [...]

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Meet Your Building Product Needs With Brick Paving And Concrete Limestone Block Manufacturing Solutions

Are you a builder or construction worker that often undertakes paving or masonry? If so, you'll know that the more efficiently you spend time on the job, the better it is for both you and your client. Often a project can be held up for several days or even weeks due to a lack of availability of resources, creating a disruption in everyone’s schedules, and results in time and money being wasted. Why not increase your productivity and efficiency by taking your building needs into your own hands? Simply invest [...]

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