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New Versus Used Concrete Equipment – Which Is Best For Your Business?

Ready to invest in a kibble, conveyor and agitator truck concrete equipment? A big decision you’ll make is deciding whether to splurge on something brand new or rather go for a pre-owned model. If you’re wondering what’s best, we can tell you there’s no right or wrong choice – only one that would better suit your business than the other. Here’s what you ought to consider when deciding. COST While the assumption is that pre-owned is cheaper than new, this isn’t necessarily true. Before you eye up the lower price [...]

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Choosing An Insulated Water Tank For Your Concrete Manufacturing Project

Manufacturing concrete in hot conditions can impact the end result. Whether it’s due to abnormally high weather temperatures (anything above 30 degrees can have an impact, and this is common in Australia) or because of surrounding furnaces or heat generating machinery impacting negatively on the quality of your concrete. Here’s why it’s well worth considering choosing an insulated water tank. THE IMPORTANCE OF TEMPERATURE Most concrete mixtures are made up of 70 or 90 percent of water and aggregates, and as a whole the mixture gains and loses heat easily. [...]

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