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5 Maintenance Tips for Concrete Mixer

In case you have invested in a concrete mixer, you need to make sure the device is well taken care of to get the most bang for your buck. You need to perform regular checks and perform trouble shootings. You also need to inspect your mixture continuously and clean it out. To keep it in top form, you have to perform tune-ups repeatedly. Yes, you have to perform some regular maintenance on the mixer to improve its productivity, as it will keep the machine’s downtime to aminimumlevel while controlling maintenance [...]

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How to Buy a Good Concrete Mixer!

How do you get a good concrete mixer? Well, it’s not all intuitive, but you need to follow a few guidelines. Besides, it's responsible for doing one of the most critical tasks. To help you invest wisely, we are giving you the following pointers: What is the difference between cement, concrete and mortar? All three of these are explained below: Mortar: This product composes of sand and cement. Water is added to activate cement. While concrete stands on itself, the mortar is used to hold bricks or other stones together. [...]

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