Concrete Boom Pumps and Line Pumps

Line pumps and piston driven pumps. Ideal for pouring volume concrete for footing, floors and suspended slabs. Concrete pumping systems output from 25m3/hr – 150m3/hr.

Mecbo Line Pump Comp

Mecbo concrete line pump

Mecbo Line Pump Comp

  • Powerfull piston driven line pump ideal for pouring concrete slabs
  • Mobile trailer mounted pump provides versatility in difficult access areas
  • Capable of pumping concrete vertically
  • Safe method of concrete placement
  • Patented “Pulsar Valve” control system ensures low maintenance & smooth pouring
  • Shot-crete for tunneling and special...


Mecbo concrete boom pump

Truck mounted boom pump 680 x 385pxl

  • Ideal for pouring volume concrete for footings, floors & suspended slabs
  • Fast, economical and safe method of pouring concrete
  • Ideal for pouring concrete at height
  • Easy to move from site to site
  • Concrete pumping systems, output from 25m3/hr – 150m3/hr
  • Concrete booms from 12m to 53m (3,4&5 sections,...